19 year old Senhit Mehari & 17 year old Amutha Submaranium

by Yohanna

On October 31, 2010 my best friends and I went to a Halloween party and decided we'd all not drink since I was going to be the designated driver. They felt that we should all have a good SOBER time together, and we did. We were driving home when our car was hit by a drunk, texting, speeding 17 year old child who ran a red light. Instantly, my friend Amutha was killed. The next day, I learned while in the hospital, my best friend Senhit died from her injuries. Although I had a few broken bones and cant walk, one of my friends is in the hospital unconscious. Drunk driving really affects lives, and its unfortunate that people do not understand this and continue to take away innocent lives. My friend and I who survived will never be the same. The drunk driver shattered my life and MANY others. I guess they'll just never know, and never learn.

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Jan 06, 2011
i wish you all the best...
by: kyemah

very interesting..i wish people would be mindful of the consequences of drinking while driving..i am only 13 , and i know that drinking and driving is ridiculous, so why shouldnt a 17 year old?.....god bless you...

Dec 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Lucas, I hope you are able to read this. I want you to know I really appreciate you coming on this website and providing me support at this time. I really didnt think that people could understand the pain of losing a best friend, but you did. After reading what you wrote, I felt a little better than I have in the past few months since th accident. I want you to know that I thank you so much for writing that paragraph and continuing to tell people your story because it has helped me so much. I am so sorry for your loss and may God Bless you and yours <3

Nov 26, 2010
My condolences
by: Lucus

My condolences to you and your friends family. It is tragic to lose someone to this type of accident. Worse to be near the holidays. Time will heal if you let the healing begin. I lost my best friend to a drunk driver 20 years ago. I often imagine what his life would have been today if he lived. I try to imagine him happy with a family of his own. He would have been 40 last week. He is missed as I know your friends will be! Keep all the best of them with you in your heart. And they will live on through you!

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