2 Sisters, Now 2 Angels

by Heather Golden
(Chesterfield County, VA, U.S.A)

On Sept 24,2005 @ 1:42AM in Chesterfield County, VA Brandy Cave and Tiffany "Tippy" Toney were Killed after being stuck head-on by a drunk driver driving up the wrong side of the road.

Brandy and Tippy were my cousins by birth, but we were more like sisters. Brandy(17) and her sister Tippy(16) were traveling to help a friend who's car had broke down when this occurred.

It happened on the night of their older brothers birthday. He was also the first on the scene. The guy that hit them never once tried to hit his brakes. He Hit them going 60mph. He hit the car more on the driver side causing the car to bow. Brandy was in the driver's seat. Everything came in on her. Their friend was in the passenger seat with the steering wheel in her lap. She lived after numerous operations to keep her alive. Tippy who was sitting behind Brandy had the drivers seat in her lap. It crushed her spine and severed her spinal chord in 3 different places. Tippy suffered a lot of pain for the 30mins that she clunge to life. Our whole world went to pieces.

The days following that were the hardest of my whole families lives. Putting two young girls in the ground before their time is the hardest thing for a mother, father, aunt, uncle, or cousin to do. These girls were friends with everyone they ever met. We sit around today telling stories of them that we all experienced through out the years they were here on earth with us.

And while this time of year still makes me sad and makes the tears follow, I know their angels now watching down on each and every one of us.

I love you girls so much and if i wish everyday i could bring ya'll back I miss you! RIP Brandy Cave and Tiffany Toney

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Dec 17, 2013
I Miss You NEW
by: Justin Ayers

My heart will always be in my heart. I will always love her. I will see you one day.

Feb 07, 2012
You don't even know NEW
by: Brittany Goolsby

I'm just now finding this. As I'm sitting in class I happen to find this online. You really have no clue how much I would like to cry my eyes out right now after reading this and the comments. It's crazy how after six years of not crying much this brings tears to my eyes. <3

Aug 15, 2011
Sisters For life
by: Jennifer Newcomb Steele

I grew up with both the girls. I lived beside Bonnie for years. Tippy and I had the same crush Justin lol. I use to go visit when they lived with grandma. The night it happen i had talked to Tippy a hour in ahalf before and was going to go with them but last min I changed my mind.I wish I had told them to come get because they would have not been there at that time . I have tried to be a big Sister to Brittany for the past 6 years now doing her hair for prom going to graduation and stuff. And everytime I look at her I see both Tippy and Brandy in her .

I love and miss you tippy toes and brandy.
You will be my sisters fir life...

Apr 09, 2011
Words can't express
by: Sumer

I have been a family friend of this family for years. My cousin Josh is one of Roger's best friends. My cousin Justin is Tippy's first crush. I have birthday pictures from when I was like 8 with Tippy in the background when she was like 4. They were not actually my family but Roger, Bonnie, Tippy, Brandy, and Brittany will alway be in my heart and family forever.

Jul 11, 2009
Tippy Toney
by: Kim Ruiz

Dear Heather,

I am so sorry for the loss of your cousins Tippy and and Brandy. Tippy was in my daughters kindergarten class where I was a room mother. I remember Tippy and her sweet smile so very well. She spent several nights at our home playing with My daughter, Lindsay Ruiz.

I was crushed when I heard about Tippys passing a few years ago, madder when I learned why she was no longer with us and FURIOUS when I learned of the horror that happened most recently to her parents!!

Yes, there ARE two sisters who are now two angels in Heaven and I hope their love will bring some much needed comfort to you during your grieving process.

G-d Bless You
Kim Ruiz

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