A Long Strong Walk - Cheryl L. Little Dog East Glacier, MT. May 18, 1991.

by Cheryl L. Little Dog
(East Glacier , MT)

My name is Cheryl L. Little Dog, I'm a thirty-eight years old and a paraplegic in a wheel chair due to the consequences of drinking and driving on May 18, 1991. The docotors told my parents that I had a fifty-fifty chance of making it. I was to graduate from Havre High School in Havre, MT four days later. I did get to graduate, but only from ICU and a hospital bed that I cannot remember. Everyone said it was really nice, the Havre Pricipal and counselor came and gave me my diploma in ICU. I had gotten thrown one hundred and fifty feet from the vehicle. I had spent five and half months in the hospital learning to do everything all over again. I have gone through some long hard trials and have over come the obstacles along the way. I have my A.A. through the Blackfeet Community College and my Bachalor's with a minor in Native American Studies at the University of Great Falls, in Great Falls, MT. I am a Law and Order Commissioner for the Blackfeet Nation, I work for the Sober Behind the Wheel,Blackfeet Medicine Wheel that is just East on a side hill of the Blackfeet Community College and SOAR (Safe on All Roads Program)through the Montana Department of Transportation. I also work for the Pikanii Action Team at Blackfeet Housing that is a State Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant that deals with Youth and Adult Binge Drinking and Drinking and Driving. I have been in my wheel chair for nineteen years and actually it don't even seem that long of a time. I have met, done and experienced alot being in this chair. It seems as if I have already done alot in my life time that the creator has let me see, do, experience and be grateful for what is and has been given to me in my life. I live and love life to the fullest each and everyday, life's too short to be long faced everyday and I just don't see the logic in this. In the past three years I have lost my sister Serena to Roses of the River (Scirossis), my two nieces Tia to suicide and Nicole to a alcohol related crash. My family lost Tia and Nicole within a two weeks time and a month and week half later we lost my sister. I try to help my Native people and their families learn to except and cope with their losses.

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Oct 04, 2011
Thank You
by: Connie E. Boggess

Thank you very much for sharing your story, you have inspired me to become an activist in MADD. I will be praying for you!!

Jan 06, 2011
Amazing inspiration
by: Anonymous

You are an amazing woman to overcome what has happened to you and work to have a positive impact on others. I am so sorry to hear of your disabilities due to drinking and driving but you have turned those disabilities into positive abilities. I am also so sorry to hear of the losses you have had with your sister and your nieces. Keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration.

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