A Mother Gone..2 babies left behind!

by Paris J'Nea Lee

On the late night of March 27, 2001 my mother LaShonne MarQuette Lee, was killed in a head on collision wreck by a drunk driver. She was 27 years old. She was a native of Erwinville, Louisiana & a graduate of Port Allen High School. She left behind two children Sedric C. Blakes, Jr. me (Paris J. Lee). At the time my brother was 4 and I was 9. Our mother was a single parents and did practically everything for us, with the exception of help from our loving grandfather. Her time spent her is greatly missed. I never imagined life without my mother, and as well as she prepared us for the unexpected, their is no preparing for death! (meaning: she taught me to take care of me and my brother at an early age. i cooked, ironed, did homework, got us both ready 4 school, brushed his hair. i was a mommy awaiting for the time) Bt as i said no matter how much preparing you do death takes its toll. i still cant believe this happened. i mean i use to think it was a joke and that she went away on vacation and that if i were good enough she'd come back only she never did. i cry alot when i really think about it or see my friends do things with their mothers that i cant do. As hard as i try not to think about it i always do and i just can seem to come up with an explanation of how some people can be so inconsiderate of other peoples lives when they drink and drive. now i have to answer the hurtful heart breaking question my little brother asks "why cant i die, to be with mommy?"

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