Alcohol Alert!™ Machines

They talk. They save lives. They make money.
  • Solid state, printed circuitry (no moving parts)
  • 18 gauge, cold-rolled custom steel cabinet
  • Huge $200.00 coin capacity
  • 500 bill capacity
  • High impact "Lexan" face-plate backed with reinforced steel sheeting
  • Test results in clear voice and large L.E.D. bright, flashing lights - voice has volume control system
  • Pedestal, bar-top, or wall-mount installation
  • Manufactured totally in U.S.A.
  • Full ONE YEAR warranty (100% parts and labor)
  • Extended warranty available
  • Accuracy within ± .02%
  • Computer activated, self-calibrating software
  • Purges itself after each test
  • Computerized variable coin pricing
  • Police tested and enhanced
  • Not a game or fad...but fun to use

Mark VIIIbvc in black

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