Glossary of Alcohol-Related Terms


  1. Alcohol: a liquid (C2H2OH) found in intoxicating drinks.
  2. Alcoholics Anonymous: (AA) An organization for alcoholics-with the intent to cure the addiction.
  3. Alcohol Detector: Any device designed and used to detect the presence of alcohol.
  4. Alcoholic: Someone addicted to alcohol.
  5. Alcoholism: Addiction to alcohol
  6. Abuse: Improper use of, as in excessive drinking of alcohol.
  7. Arrest: The taking of someone into police custody.
  8. BAC: Acronym for Blood Alcohol Concentration used as a means to determine the alcohol level in a drinkers blood system.
  9. Beer: An alcohol drink brewed from malts and hops.
  10. Bender: A drinking spree.
  11. Binge Drinking: A heavy drinking session normally associated with alcohol.
  12. Blood Alcohol Test: A test given to determine if a drinker's blood alcohol level is within legal limits to drive a vehicle.
  13. Booze: Slang for alcohol
  14. Boozer: One who over indulges in alcohol.
  15. Breath Alcohol Test: A test given to determine if a drinker's blood alcohol level is within legal limits by testing lung air samples.
  16. Breathscan: A scan designed to measure the amount of alcohol in a drinkers system.
  17. Breathalyzer: A trademark name that has become a generic term for an apparatus that tests a person's blood alcohol level.
  18. Calibration: Test and adjust the accuracy of a measuring device.
  19. Cocktail: A drink consisting of a mixture of other drinks, usually alcohol and a soft drink or juice.
  20. Coin Operated Breath Alcohol Testing: A vending machine installed at facilities serving alcohol drinks to measure a driver's blood alcohol concentration.
  21. Delirium Tremens: A symptom of alcohol withdrawal, typically caused by stopping consumption quickly, marked by agitations, tremors, and hallucinations.
  22. Detoxification: (Detox) To rid somebody or yourself of toxic, especially addictive substances.
  23. DOT: (Department of Transportation) Acronym for the agency mandated to maintain and police state highways.
  24. Driving Under the Influence: (DUI) a descriptive statement meaning the driver of a vehicle has been drinking alcohol.
  25. Drunk: Someone who drinks alcohol to excess.
  26. Drunk Driving: The act of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.
  27. DUI: Acronym for "Driving Under the Influence."
  28. DWI: Acronym for "Driving While Intoxicated."
  29. Enabler: One who enables another to do something.
  30. Evidentiary: Pertaining to or constituting legal evidence.
  31. Hangover: The unpleasant after effects of drinking too much alcohol.
  32. Ignition Interlock: Device integrated into a vehicle's ignition system that prevents operation if the driver's blood alcohol level is above legal limits.
  33. Inebriate: To make drunk.
  34. Intoxicated: A state of being drunk.
  35. Libation: An alcoholic drink.
  36. Liquor: An alcoholic beverage produced by distillation instead of fermentation.
  37. MADD: Acronym for "Mothers Against Drunk Drivers"
  38. NHTSA : Acronym for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  39. OUI: Acronym for (Operating Under the Influence) meaning a driver of a vehicle is operating under the influence of alcohol.
  40. SADD: Acronym for Students Against Destructive Decisions
  41. Sober: Not drunk, tending not to drink alcohol.
  42. Sobriety: The state of not being drunk.
  43. Social Drinker: One who drinks on occasion but not to excess.
  44. SR-22 Insurance: Insurance certification to the Motor Vehicle Department that the driver has liability coverage and that the Department will be notified if the policy is cancelled.
  45. Substance abuse: Excessive consumption or misuse of any substance especially drugs or alcohol.
  46. Zero-Tolerance Laws: Laws in affect aimed specifically at young drivers or those involved in alcohol related accidents.