All these stories times a 1000% or more!!!!

by Dale

I was a victim of a Drunk when I was 18 yrs. old. I could tell you of the numerous surgeries, amputations, and constant pain I've had to endure since then (I'm now 58 yrs. old). It not only entails the physical and emotional trauma but also your hopes and dreams for yourself are dashed due to the types of work and play you are limited to.

I now look at my beautiful grandchildren, and wonder if they too are going to become statistics as well. I am fearful of that because very little has changed in those 40 years to protect them from the same fate!! I am not even joking when I say that this country should have the same punishments for drunk driving as Finland. Look it up!

How long is this senselessness going to continue? Does it have to get to the point were every single person in this country is going to lose a loved one because nothing substantial is being done to STOP this!!!!!!

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