Amanda Marie Lovins, Hamlet IN., 4/29/2013

by Stacy Allison

3/18/1993 - 4/29/2013

3/18/1993 - 4/29/2013

3/18/1993 - 4/29/2013

My dear cousin Amanda was only 20 years old, her friends let her leave their house drunk. It was really foggy and she went through a stop sign. She crashed into a cement drainage ditch he seat belt broke and her airbag did not come out, she fractured her skull on the steering wheel about 1:12 in the am. Coroner said her BAC was 0.283 Three times the limit. She was an amazing person easy to love and was loved by everyone, she was an out spoken person, silenced by alcohol... PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. RIP BABY GIRL! :'(

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May 03, 2015
My beautiful cousin left us way to soon!!
by: Angie Lovins

There is not one day that goes by that I don't think about you Manda!!! You were an amazing young woman!!!! Today is the 2 years that we laid you to rest and you will always and forever be with me!!!! I love and miss you so very much!!!! RIP my beautiful angel!!!!!!

Sep 27, 2014
Who's to blame?
by: Philip

It is very sad that such a young girl lost her life but to put the blame on other people is also not very nice.

To blame her friends for letting her drive is just stupid, was she not also to blame for her own actions?

May 06, 2014
she is never forgotten
by: michelle/nilla

me n her wrked together at atl..i was the one she was close to and called sister.we always had each others back and comforted each other when needed.
she passed a day before my gf bday..she will always b in my heart mind and prayers i know she is my angel always and forever.thoughts and prayers are with all of the intermediate family. her friend was sooo wrong for being selfish and thinkin it was ok for her to drive..i spoke with her earlier that week.that nichole chick i have nothing but pure pain and hatred torwards her.i didnt like the pic she took in front of the accident site.
i would like to send the family/her pops(as she called him)a plaque or something. email at

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