amputee from hit by drunk driver

by michael j,ketcham

Iwas hit 6 years ago by a drunk driver in crosswalk, and it was hit and run. I don,t remember getting hit, but he hit at an estimated 62mph and threw me 52ft in the air.I suffered half my blood loss, 6 broken ribs, left lung punctured, my right knee and ankle was broke. then theres my left leg it was almost amputated off and the surgeons wanted to amputate my leg on my birthday and they waited til theday. then they did a below the knee amputation and 6 months later I had to go back for an above the knee amputation . since I got hit I,ve had nearly 15 surgeries and my right leg has a tkr and now I have to have the rest of my leg amputated to the hip.i,m confined to a w/c. my blessings go out to all victims of drunk drivers.

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