Andrew "Chet" Hamm, San Marcos, Tx, Aug 25, 2012

by Ashley A. Mozqueda
(San Marcos, TX)



Scotty(Older Bro), Dad, Chet
Mom and Chet
Me and Chet, Graduation

My boyfriend Chet and his older brother were on their way to work in Gonzales, Tx. I woke up at 5:36am August 25, 2012 to wish him a good day at work and to becarful. Our conversation ended at 5:50am and it turns out that morning about 6:20am a drunk driver had hit him and his brother head on and Chet was killed on impact! His brother survived with a fracuered pelvis. But that lady, 50 years old of age had an alcohol percentage of .266% and she had cocaine in her system! This is her 4th DWI and the 2nd time she has broken her probation of 5 years. I am so upset because this could have been prevented! I don't understand how a woman who has more than 3 DWI's is not in jail! Even now she is not in jail! She took a very precious life from me, his family and friends. Chet was very well loved and appreciated by many, he touched the lives of people he met! I will always remember him in may different ways and will never forget all the things he has done, always so full of life. He was always caring about others and helped as well. Chet was 18 years old, he had just graduated from San Marcos High School and he had his CNA certificate, Varsity HS Tennis player and, was on his 2nd day of his new job. I don't know when enough is enough for these people who constantly continue to make bad desitions... and i don't know what possibly can be done to stop all of this.

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Mar 05, 2014
im so sorry for ur loss NEW
by: Anonymous


first off lemme say im sorry for ur loss its never easy losing someone u love especially in this case such a young age and someone that had his whole life ahead of him all to be taken by some idiot that didn't care about the consequences :( I lost my cousin and his baby daughter and his wife on memorial day weekend. my cousin and his daughter where thrown from the car and killed instantly his wife died hours later after being cut out of the car. the guy killed a total of 4 people including his friend all because he decided to drink drive and be high at the same time. he did 7 years in prison and is now released , the pain never goes away in this situation. I pray for ur family and his family.... and I hope one day the person responsible gets what they deserve this shouldn't have happened.

Mar 26, 2013 son.. NEW
by: Chet's mom

...there is a hole in my heart that cannot filled with anything but the pain & the hurt of losing my baby boy.. He was a great guy, with a heart so big & full of life & love for others, proud does not even begin to cover what I feel for heart breaks daily...& the tears flow constantly..

Dec 06, 2012
I'm sorry about your loss NEW
by: Anonymous


I am so sorry for your loss. It's a long hard road to go down and you are so young to know such a loss. I will keep you, your family, and Chet's family in my prayers.

Unfortunately, habitual drunk drivers/alcoholics do not really care who they hurt or their potenial to hurt someone. They only think about themselves and getting alcohol in their system. This woman probably doesn't even know the severity of what she has done. From working with alcoholics, I have come to see that they have a tendency to be in denial and are pretty selfish people. It takes a long time to rehabilitate them and sometimes they revert back to drinking. The best way to get someone to understand exactly what they did is to put them in jail for years, not months or days. I hope this woman goes to jail for many years.

The man who killed my cousin had 7 DWI's and no right to be on the road. His BAC was .342 and he had a 5th of Jack between his legs with 3 empty bottles in the back.

It's been many years since Ryan died, but the hurt is still there.

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