Angel Clark. Martinsburg, Wv. May 21, 2010.

by Tiffany Clark.
(Martinsburg, Wv. United States.)

Angel E. Clark,36, of Martinsburg, WV, died on Friday, May 21, 2010. It was a result of an automobile accident. I remember that day so well. I had just got out of the shower an put my PJ's on, an was about to leave for my dads house when I got a text from my friend...she asked if I had talked to my dad lately an I told her I was headed over there now an asked why. All she told me was to text her when I got there. I didn't think much of it...although I did try to call my dad to find out what was goin on but he never answered the phone so I thought that he might have forgotten it at my grandmas or was just busy. Well we got half-way over to his house when my friend called again an told me to call my dad, so I did...he answered this time. I couldn't really understand him. All I could understand was, "You need to get to the hospital, NOW!" An so I told my mom an she said to call my grandma. So I did an she told me that Angel had been in a car wreck an to come to the hospital, that she didn't make it. I immediatly busted out cryin, I couldn't believe what I had heard. So, in my monkey pajamas an my slippers, my mom an I went to the hospital with my brothers. When we got there a nurse led us to this room an there sat my grandma, my uncle, an my dad. Everyone was cryin, so I knew somethin was up. They sat me down an told me what happened, I think I was more mad then upset but I cryed anyways. The doctor came in an asked if anyone wanted to see her before they sent her to the morgue. I wanted to go, just so I could see her before the funeral. But my mom went instead an she told me that it wasn't that bad an that, she only bled from her I could go see her if I wanted. I decided against it..I knew it would be to painful. I was really close to my aunt, she was like my best friend. After that my mom took me home an I sat in my room in total disbelief. People kept texting me an calling me but there was only one person I talked to that night an that was the guy I had a huge crush on. He sat an listened to me cry an tell him what happened, he never complained about anything..he was the best. :) The next day we called my grandma to find out when the services were to be held. It was the 24th that we went to the viewing. I didn't pay to much attention at the beginning because everyone was hugging me an tellin me that it would be okay. Well, then at the end I went to see it felt like she was just sleepin an that I could wake her up an talk to her, I knew it wasn't that way though. That night the boy of my dreams the one I had a huge crush on asked me out. I'll never forget that night, I told my mom an she said, "See, she's already takin care of you." The 25th was the funeral, I went an I didn't start cryin till Aida started talkin about how much suffering she went through in her life, yet she always put on a smile an said everythings goin to be okay. She was blind and had a kindey an pancreas transplant. I remember going to look at her at the end an I touched her hand an whispered, "I love you, and I'll miss you." She was so cold. She had a bunch of scratches. But the mortician made her look beautiful. My life was never quite the same after that. I finally found out that she died from her bleeding internaly. An that the wreck happened because the lady she was with was intoxicated an was on drugs. I'll never forget that she ended up leaving the accident for a minute to go hide her drugs in the woods that was right in front of the accident. She left her laying there... But then I found out that not only did that happen but I go to school with her sister. An that was prolly the hardest thing to do was go to school every day an see that girl an have her talk about the accident. All I wanted was to see my aunt an tell her how much I love her. My lifes been pretty empty after yet 5 months later, I still feel like I can call her an talk to her whenever I want. I still have her old phone number in my phone, although it's disconnected I still call sometimes just to make sure that this all really happened. :( I miss her so much an that lady took something from me that was special an that can't be replaced or given back...EVER! An I'm only 13. I'm not angry anymore just sad...that's why I encourage anyone that's goin to drink, please don't get behind the wheel of a car because you never know if that could be the time when you take somethin from someone. Thanks for reading. R.I.P. Angel! We miss you!

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Nov 04, 2010
by: Suzanne

I'd first like to say, I'm so sorry for your loss. I sit here reading your story, saying to myself, how well written your story was, and then I see your only 13 years old...I commend you on writing here. I lost my husband to a drunk driver, and I understand the feeling of something being taken from you. I wish I could say it gets easier my young friend, unfortunately it doesn't...It just gets different...You'll never forget your Aunt, and you'll never have not know what it's like to have something so special taken from you...I'm sorry to say...I hope you being so young, and writing this story so well, maybe young people your age will listen, and MAYBE understand the pain of losing someone so special to the hands of a drunk driver, and God willing will never drink and drive OR get into a car with a person that has been....I wish you well. I hope your story touches people as it did me...God Bless...Grow Old, and be happy...Don't get into a car with a person that's been drinking and PLEASE dont' ever drink and drive.....

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