Angie's Story...

by Ashley Smith

Angie was 21 when she died. She married my brother, Steven in 2001 and had their son, Ellijah in august. On the night of October 22, 2004, Steven and Angie were headed down route 75 towards a friends house with 3 year old Ellijah in the back seat. Traveling down the road Angie told Steve that she wasn't feeling well, (being 7 months pregnant, it was understandable) so she reclined all the way back in her passenger seat. As they were nearing closer to town, a drunk driver had swerved into the opposite lane, striking, Steve, Angie, and Ellijah head on. Angie was ejected out of the back window of the car upon impact and was pronounced dead 6 minutes after the crash, and the baby 4 minutes after her. Steve and Ellijah were immediately flown to shock trauma, Steve for a brain injury and shattered femur bone and Ellijah for a major cut on his forehead. 2 Crashes happened in the same place earlier that day, and only 2 miles away was the local High School. I was at the Homecoming game, I heard the crash. After the crash had been investigated, Steven was pronounced at fault because the car's speedometer was locked at 85 Miles per hour, also because he had a massive amount of THC in his system which doesn't prove that Steven was driving impaired, it was a merely speculative accusation. The real irony of the story... The drunk driver was Steven's High School Bully. He was let off completely free, no DUI charges of any sort, and walked away with nothing but a broken ankle. Today in 2009, Steve still hasn't dealt with Angie's death, and he still suffers from complications from his brain injury. Ellijah will be 8 in August, he doesn't remember his mother, and is now living with her parents.

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