Aunt killed right before christmas

Drunk driving is a terrible thing both for the family of the victim ad the drunk driver my story is a sad twist of both, on Dec 10, 2013 my aunt was killed in a drunk driving accident. My cousin(her son) was driving her to a doctors apt at 8am in a town not far from their house, when the were hit in my aunts side of the car, only the other driver was not drunk my cousin was. He had been lying and telling everyone he quit drinking, but had drank the night before till he passed out at 6 then thought it was ok to get in the drivers seat with his mom in the car. He turned infront of the other car she had no time to react and hit right in my aunts door doing 65mph. They took my aunt to the hospital but she was already gone. My cousin spent 3 weeks in the hospital and thank god the other driver was not hurt.
My aunt was the greatest woman ever who had played mom to at least one of her nieces or grandkids at one time or another, she would have done anything for anyone. My cousins siblings have been more forgiving than me in this he only got probation which I feel is wrong, he should have had to go to jail he has been to rehab multiple times and lost many jobs because of his drinking and if he has no consequences for his actions he will never learn.
There is never an excuse to drive a car after you have been drinking its not only you whose life will be affected, my aunt was one of my best friends and the person I could always count on and my two girls love and we miss her everyday. I wish more people read these who have not been in this situation more people who could see how this affects people maybe just maybe it will change their mind about even considering driving drunk.

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Oct 26, 2014
Sorry for your loss NEW
by: T.Mann

Sorry for your loss. DWI Laws are not hard enough for those who kill, they know there drunk and chose to drive, what is murder?

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