The Bar Breathalyzer - Freedom Machine

There are myriad vending opportunities available these days. While most vending machines offer you the freedom to work independently with no boss and no time clock, few of these offer the advantages of the bar breathalyzer.

Unlike most vending businesses, the Alcohol Alert System won't take up all of your time with maintenance. Because these bar breathalyzers don't vend or dispense any products, you can avoid the time-consuming part of the business. That means you have more time to enjoy your life and less timeThe Alcohol Alert bar breathalyzer vending machine babysitting machines.

Doesn't that make sense? If your time is consumed with ordering products, driving back and forth to your machines and endlessly restocking, doesn't that sound a little like...a job? Our bar breathalyzer vending machines on the other hand, are low-maintenance, so they'll grant you the freedom you've been yearning for.

Plus, since you're not buying products all the time to replenish your machines, your profit percentage goes through the roof. Our Alcohol Alert coin-operated bar breathalyzers are compact, and can be mounted on a wall, bar top, or pedestal and accept bills, coins, or both. Constructed from powder-coated cold-rolled steel with a Lexan face plate, these machines are virtually indestructable.

They will give you many years of devoted service, remotely pumping out cash, year after year without complaint.

People = Drinking = Cash

As long as there are bars and other, similar drinking establishments, there will be a strong need for the bar breathalyzer vending machine...and people like you to collect the money.





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