Best Friend.. Gone In A Second.

by Sarah

It was April 2001. I cant remember the exact date. I was only 7 years old when i walked down the stairs seeing my brother lying on the couch in a hospital gown and my parents crying. I was confused i had no idea what was going on. Only to find out when the red and blue lights showed up at our door to take my brother. My Brother was 20 years old. Him and his best friend (pretty much our brother) David had been at his house. David's mom gave them a couple beers. After a couple hours my brother figured it was okay to drive. Him and his friend got in his jeep. Driving down the dark windy streets of Hawaii. My brother made a huge mistake. He came around a turn which lead into a steep hill and he lost control. not able to see where he was going he crashed head on into a tree. Wrapping his Jeep around it. His best friend was thrown from the jeep and killed instantly. My Brother got Man slaughter and had jail for 2 years. Its messed him up. He isn't the same anymore. He doesn't smile and when he dose its not real. You see hes always sad in his eyes. He use to have this twinkle my mom said. Its been gone since the accident. He tries to pretend that every thing's okay. But its not. He is 28 now. And the nightmares still haunt him to this day. the sight of his best friend lying on the ground dead. and it was his fault He blaimes himself completely. even though if his friend had warn his seat belt maybe just maybe he would be here with us today. But there is no excuse. My brother made the choice to drink and drive. And now he has to live with the fact that he killed his bestfriend. My brothers blood alcohol level was .01 but the zero tolerance law Got him. Remember Drinking and Driving isn't okay. No matter how little drink.

I hope this story helps someone out there. I wouldnt want anyone to have to go through the pain i watched my brother go through.

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Sep 28, 2010
by: CruelestLlama

Sorry about your bro.:(

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