Betty Howard murdered by a drunk driver in Pascagoula, Mississippi

I was a self centered 21 year old going out on a night on the town with not a care in my life .Little did I know when I returned home my life would be turned upside down.
My beautiful mother BETTY HOWARD was murdered by a stupid drunk driver going over the speed limit and making a turn in our little town of Pascagoula, Mississippi.
She had given her whole life caring and protecting her girls.That night she was out picking up her two younger childern from the skateing rink in the next town.Something she would have been doing any Friday night. This idiot without any reguards to anyone but himself took a widowed mother from her seven girls and three grandchildren. She was a kind person who had not much of anything except children from this world. She walked through life doing only good.If she saw need she did her best to make it better.Can the world afford to lose a person like this?
I am not sure of the name of that stupid man who ripped my sister and my life to shreds.I had heard he was back at it not too long after my mother's death.
I find myself now 20 some year latter looking careful at any little red Toyota coming down the street to see if it is her.Needless to say we miss her each and every day that goes by.She was all we had and now she is in heaven with two of her girls who have died of breast cancer.So I guess I wrote today to ask anyone who thinks about driving after drinking to PLEASE think. What if a drunk driver was to kill Someone I love?

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