Brad & Samantha Downs & Chris Dafoe, Saucier, Ms. 10-06-2007

by Bill Downs
(Saucier, Ms. U.S.)

On October 6, 2007, my son Brad (21), his wife Samantha (19) and Chris (24) were on their way to the movies when an impaired driver, Deborah Stewart (who was also killed) rounded a curve and a hill at 80 mph with no headlights and hit my son's 2001 Mustang head on; killing my kids instantly. The impaired driver was also killed instantly after being partially ejected through the windshield. Her passenger was ejected from the vehicle and the only one that survived the crash.

I actually came up on the crash; but did not know it was my kids until 2 hrs later when my wife called me and told me that the kids had been killed in the crash I had seen. The coroner said that the impaired driver had a .0112 BAC when he tested her blood. She had enough prescription drugs in her blood to have been considered illegal using. She was also thought to be texting at the time of crash; due to her holding her phone in her hand open with an incomplete text.

It has been 7 years since this tragic night as of Oct. 6, 2014. My wife and I will have to live the rest of our lives knowing we can never have grandkids and the fact that my name ended with my sons death.

We created a non-profit in their honor called AVID-Advocates for Victims of IMpaired Driving. We are the Voice of the Victims and their Voices will be heard...

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