Benefits of a Breath Alcohol Test

Finally, a product that can help make highways safer is on the market. This breath analyzer is designed to let patrons give themselves a breath alcohol test - rather than the men in blue.

This resource is important because the terrible statistics about drunk driving are not changing the way drivers handle their drinking habits. The product is not to be considered as part of an abuse prevention program or as an alcohol treatment after drinking. And, it’s an informal alcohol breath test that is only for use as a guide, not as evidentiary evidence.

A person’s BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, will not change after using this product. The analyzer will only assist with determining a person’s BAC level before driving.

Here are a few drunk driving facts to drive home the message of how important having access to a breath alcohol analyzer can be.

This device is needed, not only for patrons of an establishment who may be deciding to drive after drinking, but for other people driving on the same roads:

  • Every two minutes a person is injured in an alcohol related motor vehicle crash.
  • Every 31 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol related motor vehicle accident.
  • In 2003, 40% of all traffic related deaths in the US are the result of alcohol-related vehicle crashes.
  • 30% of motorcycle drivers killed in fatal crashes have a BAC of at least 0.08%.

An individually administered breath alcohol test alone may not cure the problem of drinking and driving. But having the device accessible at bars and other drinking establishments will allow anyone willing to learn how to use it to be more responsible with their drinking.

Not only that, but it will help with the difficulties alcohol servers may face in being responsible for their patrons drinking alcohol and going out on the highway.

Think about it, can a bartender or waitress tell the difference between someone who registers a .07 BAC and another with a .08 BAC – the difference between legal and legally intoxicated?