The Breathalyzer Vending Machine

There are numerous vending machines available for business opportunity seekers, but few that are like the breathalyzer vending machine. As with other vending businesses, this device gives you the freedom to work on your own schedule, with no time clock and no boss.

However, unlike other vending opportunities, the Alcohol Alert System requires very little maintenance. Since there is no "product" to sell or vend, you don't have to continually monitor, purchase and stock replacement items for your machines. That means more time for you. The Alcohol Alert breathalyzer vending machine

Think about it. If all your time is taken up by maintaining inventory and stocking your machines, all you've really done is bought yourself a job. Our low-maintenance, coin-operated breathalyzers will give you the freedom you're looking for.

And since you're not buying products to replenish your machines, that also means more money for you.

Our breathalyzer vending machines are compact, wall or pedestal mountable, and accept coins, bills or both. Made from cold-rolled steel with a Lexan face, these units are virtually bullet-proof. They will provide you many years of reliable service, pumping out cash year after year, almost on autopilot.

People = Drinking = Cash

As long as there is drinking, there will be a need for the breathalyzer vending machine...and entrepreneurs to collect the cash.




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