Brothers killed by a drunk driver on Thanksgiving

by Shyla Rochelle Ballman
(Milwaukee WI)

Jeremy (l) and Tommy (r) tommy always made funny faces

Jeremy (l) and Tommy (r) tommy always made funny faces

My name is Shyla and I lost two of my younger brothers this past Thanksgiving. Tommy Ballman (22) and Jeremy Neuenfeldt (20) a drunk driver was going 100 mph and hit Tommys truck as the boys were about to pull into our driveway. Thats how close to home they were. The drunk driver hit Tommys truck right on the gas tank which caused his truck to basically fly into our driveway and it burst into flames. They didnt make it and their was nothing we could do. Jeremy was pinned by the steering wheel and Tommy was D.O.impact. I passed the same place they did about 10 minutes before they were hit, my mom sister Sharon and I saw the whole accident. Its something i CAN NEVER get out of my mind. Tommy and I were incredibly close, he was like the make version of me,he lived with me and my fiance for a year in our apartment and Jeremy was my best friend. The drunk driver is 26 had no lisense and this was NOT his first offense.

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Aug 31, 2011
I express my deep felt condolences Shyla
by: Gaurav from India

Dear Shyla,

I am deeply hurt and express my entire heart out to you and your mother for the unfortunate events caused due to drunken driving by that Hopeless individual.I am really sorry and i cant express enough that i lost touch with you when i came back to india.

I dono when i can meet you again. but i really wish my hearts entire blessings for you.


Apr 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

I read these stories and it just breaks my heart. I have a father who drinks everyday at a local bar and my worst fear is to get that call. I have told him if he should be in a wreck, I love him but I pray that it will be him and an innocent person. People really do not get it and everybody alway question why I don't drink.....The answer: My father.......I pray that with each day your pain gets lighter. And God will use your pain to find a higher purpose of you in life.....

Mar 31, 2011
tommys mom
by: serena

its been 16 months with out our tommy, and i think it gets harder each day. that day the drunk took our boys he took me and my familys life too. the drunk got 24 years and we got life. some how i just do not understand,

Apr 08, 2010
my heart just aches and aches for you
by: paula overstreet

i am truely sorry for your loss. you will never get over such a horrible thing, but in time -one sweet day- you will see your loving brothers again.. always keep in mind that they would not want you to be sad. i lost two sons in 2 different, but yet alcohol related accidents. the pain is with me dailey. my son jeremy was 22 and my son alan was only 16. this was so tragic for our family and im sure for youres about your brothers. i can feel your pain in your words. speak out about your brothers, never let them be forgotten. i write blogs, i speak at churches and i wrote my story on here to. know in my heart that my sons would be so proud of me. we maynot never understand why our loved ones was taken, but god has a plan and purpose for everyone. pray for peace in your heart and let god speak out threw you to reach as many as you can about drinking and driveing......prom night, graduation night, all holidays, speak out, scream if you have to, someone has go to stop this drinking and so hurting for you and your family, they look like such handsome loving boys.if at anytime you need to talk, cry, scream, you just write me . i also have a myspace.... my name is paula overstreet , i will help you in anyway i can..... if you could just stop for one minute and do this for me, listen i want u to take your hands, put them together right now and squeeze, the tightness you feel right now is me sending you hugs your way, thats me squeezeing you...... im soooooo sorry about your hugging you right now.... love and hugs fro paula overstreet

Apr 08, 2010
Take care of yourself
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for you lose...This makes me so mad, how is it, that the people that cause these horrific accidents survive number one and secondly, have had priors!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR JUDICAL SYSTEM!!! IS ANYONE LISTENING OR READING THESE POSTINGS...besides the people that have been victomized by these people...I'm so sorry you had to see this accident and I hope you get yourself some kind of help in dealing with this, I'm sure your brothers wouldn't want you to relive this accident over and over again..Talk to someone to help you dealing with this...

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