Can't Imagine

by Len W. Slater
(Houghton Lake, Mich)

It was 1980 and myself and a friend of mine was going to the local IGA store to pick up our paychecks. It was in the middle of summer and it was a bright and sunny day. I picked him up in my black Chevolet 2 wheel drive pick up, my first pick up. As we were about 500 yards from the store in the corner of my eye I saw a yellow car was heading at us crossing the centerline. No time to turn as the speed limit was 45 mph. Looking for a driver there was none like a ghost car. Then wham, the impact was that quick. Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance it was raining and I kept passing out. Then I woke up in the emergency room and all my family was around me. Thought I was dreaming or thought I was dead. My Mom said the older lady had been drinking all day at the local bar on the lake. The bar knew she was drunk when she left but no one stopped her from driving. She was so drunk that she passed out on the car seat when she came over the centerline. That would expalin why I did not see a driver. She died upon impact. My friend who was riding with me walked home and not seriously injured. Remember the truck I mentioned earlier, the doctor said that if I was not driving a pick up I would have not made it. I was laid up for about 2 months and have just a couple physical scars to this day. I was very lucky to live threw it. If this story makes anyone out there to think twice about getting behind a wheel while drunk then this is all worth it.

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