Carlos Hernandez ( El Paso Texas 05/05/2005)

by Carlos
(El Paso Texas USA)

My story is no different from the others read on this site and it hurts to read every one of them because knowing I could have lost some one on this day was pretty scary. This is about my brother who we will call Joe.

He was at work like he always work late sometimes he just got off work got something to eat, He got on I 10 heading east to get off on the exit he was thinking should I get off here or not he kept on going well the next thing you knew it my brother got hit head on in a 2005 Ford Ranger brand new she was and it wasn’t even 5 months old it was a nice blue a truck that anyone would love to have. Well me I was asleep at home when he came in and I woke up because something just told me to wake as I thought I guess its time to get ready for work. I asked my brother what time is it dude, he told me it was 2 something in the morning I asked why you up you’re leaving. He told me no I just losted the truck so my self thought did you get it reposed and he said no I was hit by a drunk driver. I said no way your lying to me then next thing you knew it he lifted up his shirt and showed me when they hooked him up to the machine. That is when I got up and said dam dude you ok he said yes but the dude drove drunk and was on the wrong side of the freeway. People reported him 4 exits before and the cops never showed up. Like how my brother told me everything as when he was slowing down, trying to get out of the way, to when the truck got hit air bag hitting him and sending the truck backwards. He told me he panicked because when the airbags deployed a white smoke came after he thought the truck was on fire, His door didn’t want to open so he forced it to open and he couldn’t talk or anything like that and as soon as he got out the truck he told me that he fell kind of and had to get up when the EL PASO POLICE DEPARTMENT finally showed up. They were rude to my brother because they thought he was drinking but all he had was the 32 oz of Arizona Iced tea. Till this day we cant talk about it because its just flash backs sometimes I wish it was me in that factor so he didn’t have to go through that and if he did get off the exit he would of still had his truck but today I feel bad for everyone who lost someone and also had someone get hurt due to drunk driving. So please just play it safe get a cab or something and make sure you don’t drink and drive.

The names in the story have been changed and I also have a some what picture of the truck before it getting hit.

To this day my brother is alive and well. I love you bro hope you can read this don’t be mad that I posted your story on here its just to show people not to drink and drive.

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Nov 29, 2011
loss of a new truck NEW
by: monique williams

Im glad your husband didn't lose his life, he's very lucky, my brother wasn't so lucky killed head on by a drunk driver(2 time offender) he was loved by many friends, family and had 3 babies, he was only 34 and was killed 08/20/09. consider yourself lucky, that all you lost was a truck whick can be replaced, I can't replace my brother, i wish he'd only lost a nice truck

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