Carol Cooper

by Tony Manolatos
(Richmond Va)

Carol Cooper Agust 2, 2008

Carol Cooper Agust 2, 2008

While sitting outside a convenient store in Chesterfield county VA Carol was hit by a drunk driver who sped into the parking lot and ran her into a brick wall which all most cut her in half. Carol was 53 and a CDL truck driver we were going to be married in fall we were together 12 years and only had each other. We drove all over the country and only wanted to return to driving she couldn't work at the time waiting for an leg injury to heal. Carol was a writer and has three grand children . The person who hit her ran and were latter arrested.

We love and miss her

Her partner forever, Tony Manolatos

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Jan 03, 2015
by: Tony

You are with all of us each day,but we still miss you.

Jan 02, 2015
Missing you
by: Katie

I think about you everyday,we miss and love you,I const ask myself why this had to happen to's hard to accept

Apr 28, 2014
Missing You
by: Tony

Your in my hart !

Mar 04, 2009
For Carol
by: Tony Manolatos

For Carol
Vicious is the darkness that abounds my hart,
Is it the pain I fear to depart,
Was it not love that gave me peace,
Was it your hart?s grace I long to embrace,
Souls depart, yet I remain,
Forever it is my hart that your love has claimed.

©George Manolatos2009

Feb 24, 2009
by: katharine cooper

My mothers life was cut too short because of a drunk driver.this tragedy has effected my life and my children's life in so many ways.I'm angry,just thinking about that night makes me depressed,I'm not the same person I used to be and I wonder will I ever heal.Drunk driving ruins the lives of many family's.My mother was a very talented writer,she loved poetry and writing children's stories......she's greatly missed...................

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