by Lauren

He was my best friend and practically my big brother.
It was April 5, 2008 when my sister and I got the phone call at 12 in the morning from my friend that Charlie had just been killed in a wreck.
I never thought that I was going to loose him.
Me being only 15 and him 18 I took it pretty hard because I looked up to him, he was my hero, my idol, and much more!
Earlier that day I remember him telling me that he was put on the waiting list for Texas aTm University. I was still so proud of him especially with everything he had accomplished in those 8 years I had known him!
I had never cried so much in my life... to think that one minute he was here then the next he wasn't.
I just couldn't believe that I had seen him a few days before the wreck and talked to him on the phone a few hours before.

He was driving down the road...I guess headed home from being with friends. That night he had been drinking a little but i never thought that would be him that I would say goodbye to.
When he was driving he swerved and over corrected. Charlie was ejected and his truck rolled and ended upside down beside the road.
There was no blood just a small scratch above his left eye.
I had talked to some people when I went to see the crash site and they told me that when he was ejected he had head trauma.
April 8, 2008, I remember that day so good because that is the last time I saw Charlie. He didn't look him self at all.
I couldn't get over that it was really him laying there.

He is always in my heart!

R.I.P Charlie

I love you with all my heart.

I think of him everyday and I love him.

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Dec 28, 2008
Sorry for your loss.
by: Anonymous

I to lost my best friend of 12 years in august 2008 Carol Cooper. I know it would not be right for me to say I know how you feel, but I will say I can relate to how it feels. We all go through different feelings.

I know I always wondered if Carol felt what happened to her? But it was so fast and I know that when I had head trauma, I dint feel it at all. I was struck in the head with a pipe and had sever injuries.

I'M just saying this to you because I know you loved him and it must cross your mind as it dos mine when I think about Carol. I'm sure hes alive in your hart and I'm sure he's still looking out for you in a better place.

Again I'm sorry for your loss and I know that its a hard road to travel, but keep him alive in your hart "Only true harts know each other" Carol wrote this once to me, it always meant a lot.

Good luck and may prayers are with you.

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