"Daddy Loves You, OXOX" (Vernon Andrew Garrett, Hazlehurst, Ga, July 2, 2015)

by Theresa Overstreet
(Surrency, Ga. USA)

Today 8/9/2015 is day 26 of this new unknown reality. My sister and I still hear him every day. We hear his goofy laugh, see his tender smile, and still feel his warm embrace. There will never be another man like our Daddy, our one and only, the greatest.
On July 2,2015, Daddy hit the time clock, got on his motorcycle, and went to cash his check. After making a quick call walking out of the store he straddled his bike and headed home. He was about a mile from home when a car failed to stop at a five lane intersection. This is the day our world crumbled to the ground for the following eleven days were the worst imaginable in our existence.... He hit the car directly in the middle of the passenger doors, his head busting the rear passenger window while his bike spun in clockwise rotation to an uncontrolled rest. Our Daddy's limp and broken body flew around 30 feet before landing at rest. His lifeless body lay on the road from about 6:13 pm to 6:48 pm when the EMT's rushed him to the hospital. From there he was transported to the nearest trauma hospital. I arrived at the memorial hospital at 11pm on but was not allowed to see him until almost 4 am. I prepared myself for the worst but when I walked into the neuro ICU my eyes could not fathom the sight before me. My Daddy was unrecognizable to me. Tears flowing down my face, fear sweeping over me, and my voice cracked the silence... "Daddy, I love you more than life itself, God do what's best for Daddy. Please take all the pain from him. Amen." I kissed his swollen head and told him I loved him so much then I ran in fear. The following 10 days brought only bad news and on July 12,2015 my sister called with the last results and when to be at the hospital the following morning. On July 13,2015 at 1:51pm our precious Daddy was pronounced dead. We buried him in a cherry casket with Elvis sending the final farewells. My heart is shattered beyond repair for my Angel, my Hero, my dearest and greatest friend is no longer here. I am broken and hurt because all I want more than anything is to hear him say, "Daddy Loves You Baby", one last time....

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