by Whitney
(Wichita, Kansas)

me n my daddy!!

me n my daddy!!

My dad Kevin Gene Williams was killed in a motorcycle accident on September 26th 2008. He was the best father in the whole world! Today is February 20th 2009 and im writing an English paper on getting the blood alcohol content lowered because the man who ran the red light and killed my father his bac was 0.02 and illegal limit is 0.08..Im only 17 so my dad wont be able to see me graduate high school, go to college or see me turn 18. Or even get to walk his little girl down the aisle when i get married. So to make this pain a little easier i wrote a poem about my dad so here it is

I guess it’s true what they say
The good do die young everyday
I know you’re not suppose to ask why
All I want to do is say goodbye
Some days all I want to do is cry
As I sit there and wonder why he had to die
Other days I just want to lie in bed and try to get my mind around the fact that he is actually dead
And just one choice could have changed it all
I still remember that night when I got the call
Maybe if one guy chose not to drink and drive
Maybe just maybe my daddy would still be alive.

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Mar 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Awhhh that poem is rele good and sad!! im sorry bout yur dad!

Feb 20, 2009
Dad is with you
by: Suzanne in CT


I understand you pain, my husband was killed on his motorcycle by a drunk driver...Nothing will ever take away the pain...My husband was killed 4.16.06 Easter Sunday, our favorite holiday...I know there are days, you don't want to get out of bed, I know this...but you have to live, like your Dad would want you to. He will be there at your graduation, he'll be there when you walk down the isle, believe he will, he wouldn't miss it..Just because we can't see them or touch them, doesn't mean they aren't there....They are always with us..God Bless your heart...I don't usually respond to these stories, because they are all personal and scared to the person that writes them, but I felt a connection to your story, maybe because the most important men in our lives where taken out in the same way...I never worried about my husband going out on his bike because he was always safe...It wasn't his fault...I know how you feel, and it's a long road...take care of yourself and remember your Dad is always with you.

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