Daniel a Postlethwait sistersville west virginia may 13 1979.

by Steve postlethwait
(port charlotte fl)

My father was killed may 13 1979, He was going to work and was killed by a drunk driver who was only 18 years of age. I was only 11 at the time and had only known him for two years. I have two younger sisters and an older brother and sister. I was the youngest from a previous marriage. The things we wish we could have said if we only knew that that would be the last time we would have seen him. He got up early that morning as he always did to go work a double shift. soon after the phone rang and my step mother was frantic my brother told me what happened. Just like that what I had finally found was gone once again but knowing that there would never be a next time or a tomorrow took a long time to come to terms with .I'm 46 now and I can truly say that the pain never goes away you just learn to live with it.

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