David Hernandez Westminster , CO June 9,2013

by Andrew Montoya
(Wheatridge, CO )

my, Nephew was rideing his bike home from work,10 minunties after he got off from work - a drink driver hit him .and drug his bike for over a 1,000 feet from where my nephew was and drove off and let my nephew to dye there, What a coward he is ?

If it wasn't for a motorists that was on her way home from the movies she tried to CPR and when the police arrived he also tried CPR and when he arrived at he hospital , they though that he was still alive so they put him on life support , the doctors the following morning tried to give him a brain scan but they said his body was in so much trauma and there was alot of blood around his brain .they will have to try later that day , they also told my sister that, if my nephew lives he will be paralyzed from the chest down and he will have sever brain damage do to the fact of lack of oxygen to the brain . my sister did not want to belive that her only son was gone ,so she keep him on life support for 4 days hoping for a miracle ,after she was told he was brain died she turn off his life support he passed away right away .

One week after my nephew passed a way the driver tried to file an insurance claim with his insurance co so they called westminster police and told them that have a person that want to file a hit an run .When the police arrived to to suspect house they told him that they where looking for that vehicle, he was read his Miranda right and after that he told the police that he was drunk when he hit my nephew and he had been drinking all that day , he said to the police that he was a good guy . From myself and familyI want to thanks all that help my Nephew , we miss you a lot DJ love uncle Sonny

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Jan 07, 2014
sorry for your loss NEW
by: monique williams

Im sorry for your loss and I also lost my brother on august 20, 2009 to a drunk so I can totally relate, unfortunately :( take care of yourself

Oct 15, 2013
so sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so difficult to lose someone close to you but it is so much more traumatic when their life was taken so violently. Someone dying at the hands of a drunk driver is 100% preventable. I will pray for you and your family.
We lost our 13 year old daughter to a drunk driver 5 years ago this December. I understand your grief!

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