Destanne Littel

Destanee Littel was a 18 year old girl who was involved in almost every club at stagg high wich she graduated from.She was involved in a group called JOBS which is a conducted by the masons and shriners.What happend was her and her boyfriend and bestfriend where on thier way home from a dance.On thier way home a man who was already running from the cops rear ended her and sent her car spinning into a light pool wich cut her car directly in half instantly killing her.The tow passengers survived with injuries but she was pronunced dead on the scene.To think I was with her not 15 miniutes before kills me because only if i would have begged her to wait 5 more miniutes she would not have been stopped at that stop light. The man who killed her was arrested but released on bond the next day this man had already had 3 previouse dui convictions....

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Sep 02, 2010
i miss her
by: lillianna

I wrote this about her to let people know that drinking and driving is seriouse..

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