Donald E Davis II, Thomson, Illinois, November 27, 2011

by jennifer
(Thomson. Illinois)



My husband and I had recently celebrated our 5th year anniversary and his 39th b-day on Oct. 31st. We had been together 4 a total of 9 years. We shared everything we went everywhere together we even worked together as a team. We were never apart everyone would tell us that we were the perfect couple. He was my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life, and partner in crime (figuatively). On Nov. 27th @ 11:22 am my husband and I wwere traveling southbound on rt. 84 when a drunk driver crossed the center line stricking our vehicle. The impact shoved my husbands knees into his chest killing him on impact. He had our new puppy in his shirt pocket she was so little. We had just gotten her the night before and we named her Monkey. We also had our dog Scrap Iron Davis (Scrappy for short) who was 5 years old. Both dogs died in the accident along with my husband. Together we had 7 children 2 his and 5 mine and then we had our 2 dogs which were like children 2 us. I was injured bad enough to be airlifted. My husband saved my life by turning the wheel just enough that he tookmost of the impact. Some days I wish he hadn't turned the wheel because it would be easier to deal with but I am glad I am still here. The other passenger had just turned 21 5 days earlier and in Illinois .08 is the point at which u are drunk by law. The guys blood alchohol level was .09. He ripped my family and my world apart that day. I don't really recall the accident its self. all I remeber is flashes of things. Before they told me my husband was dead I already knew because I felt like half my heart was taken out of me and allthat was left in its place was pain. They told me right before I was to have surgery because that's when I asked I had told them before that I thought I ready knew but I wasn't ready to be told. I thought I was ready before the surgery but I wasn't I flipped out. Surgery for my broken femur was delayed till a later date. I was in the hospital 11 days I missed out on a candlelight vigual for my husband. I wish I could have been there I feel cheated out of that but I understand why it was done without me (so his brother and his family could have their goodbyes they live far away and had to get back). I still cry everyday I miss my husband so much. I miss his laugh the sound of his voice the way he smells the look in his eyes the touch of his had the way our bodys fit together when we snuggled I miss his butt touching mine while we sleep at night I miss his noises he makes as he putts around the house most of all I think I miss the sound of his heart beating. I love you donnie! I will love you always and will forever be your wife.

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