Donna Macindoe

by Donna Macindoe
(Philadelphia, Pa.)

Peter C. Roberto Jr.

Peter C. Roberto Jr.

On Thanksgiving 2004 my nephew Peter C. Roberto Jr. then 12 years old was killed crossing the street by a drunk diver who got out of his car looked at my nephew and walked away. This Man was to receive a three to six year prison term but was released after a year, earlier than he should have been because of a clerical error. The state parole board returned him back to prison to serve out his time. I still don't understand how people who commit homicide by vehicle only get a couple of years in prison. This man was drinking at the bar earlier that day. He walked home, took a nap then borrowed a friend's SUV, killing Peter soon after. At that time his estimated blood-alcohol level was about 0.20. (The legal limit for driving is 0.08.)This man had two small children at home and his wife who was pregnant at the time, he choose to go to the bar drink then drive and kill a child and only got a small prison sentence. The laws have to be change for people who commit these crimes it is still murder.

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