dont lose someone you love to drunk driving!

HIs name was Adam Jordan, he was 22 and our home city is Bend Oregon. It was a saturday night when he decided to leave our house, we all tried to have him stay the night but he wanted to go home. That night of August 19 2006 around 9 pm is when there were a ton of sirens, but we didnt think anything of it. the next day sunday morning we were all calling him because we were supposed to go out on the lake with the boat, which was something Adam LOVED to do. but we got no answer, finally his cousin/roomate called us crying, saying Adam got in a really bad accident. we wanted to go see him but Fred said it was too late, that adam has died last night in the accident. it was on a curvy windy road with a speed limit of 50. we dont know what happend or why he swerved but it took his life away and ruined alot of others. we all loved Adam very much and still think of him everyday. It's so hard driving by that cross on the road everyday. he always said that'll never happen to me (drunk driving accident) but it only takes one time, please please dont let your loved ones drive under the influence! it hurts when they're not in your life anymore because of a stupid mistake!

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