by Harley

On January 10, 2007 my brother was killed in a drunk driving accident. The driver of the truck my brother was in was two times over the limit. Because of his stupidity my brother lost his life he only lived for 20 years. We have been to court so many times and they keep passing it to another date. The driver of the truck is trying to say that my brother was driving but all the evidence points to him driving. My family and I are trying to put this boy in jail for a really long time for what he did. My brother and I were so close we used to do everything together but now he is gone and a part of me is missing. We have to wake up every morning knowing that he is not there and we have to spend holidays without him. I miss him so much.


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Apr 07, 2010
I am sorry for your loss
by: Shyla Rochelle Ballman

I lost my brothers in a drunk driving accident as well. Except the drunk driver was in a different vehicle and hit them when they were on their way home. I was the driver in front of them and never saw it coming as i turned into our driveway right before they did and got outside right as the car hit them. my brother tommy was 22 and jeremy was 20. I was very close with them and tommy lived with me. my brothers deaths are more recent...it was this past Thanksgiving but i dont think that you ever really get over a siblings death....just be thankful hun that you didnt have to witness the crash that ended his life...i did as did my mom and one of my other sisters and its hard to see past that sometimes. If you ever need to talk feel free to email me. Their arent any groups that i could find for siblings against drunk driving or support groups for us yet.

Mar 11, 2009
Lost my big brother
by: Dakota Theis

It was 2-27-04.On the 28th that very next day my papa and my aunt come to my house at 6 a.m. my papa tells my mom that Danny (her only son) was in a crash and he did not make it. And all I remember is hearing my mom scream and that?s all I can remember to this very day. There where 3 people killed that day because of drinking and driving. And all I ask is those who read this is don?t because not only are you hurting your self but your family and so many more. That day at 3:30 I lost my only brother and my best friend and my mom lost her only son.

Nov 03, 2007
I feel the same as you
by: Anonymous

HI first of all I am soo sorry for your lose but at the same time I can relate totally to this!! Only 5 weeks ago I lost my father & brother to a drunk driver! neither one of them drank it was the guy in another truck that got all drunk and smashed into them head on. I also have a site on here...it's rest in peace my daddy & little brother. Check it out. It's such a shame that families like ours have to pay for mistakes that careless losers cause. But in our case the jerk also killed himself that night...got off easy as we have to deal w/ all the heartache for a senseless act!!!!

Sep 26, 2007
by: Anonymous

Drunk driving is bullshit and I totally understand exactlly how you feel. |I lost two people that matter alot to me and almost lost a third. I honestly think that the guy that was driving should pay for what he did. Its only fair and only right.

Sep 14, 2007
i am sorry
by: samantha jo bruemmer

i nowhow you feel my btrother was also killiled in a drunk driving acsident so i now how you feel and i just want to say i am sorry for your lost

Sep 14, 2007
lost my brother on Jan 14th 06 my b-day sounds similar to our case.
by: lorri standley

my name is lorri. my brother David 29 at the time was having a guys day out w/ 2 friends. day ends alls good they go back to friend # 1's house to visit more, well friend #1's lil brother is there, known alcoholic, drug user of any kind. no good junky. to make a long story short, my brother and the two friends #1 & 2 had been drinking at the friend#1's house,li'l brother of the friend # 1 has to go to bar less then three miles away for whatever reason, I'll never know my brother decided to go along w/friend #2 and a whole car of other ppl, little brother is completely drunk .228 I'll never know if my brother new how drunk or even that lil bro was drunk, so they all three left to go to bar, my brother friend #2 and li'l brother, lil bro drove so fast passing other car playin chicken turn headlights on & off, well he passed one to many times and went off road about 60 feet until he hit two huge oak trees my baby brother was killed instantly they say, all 3 were ejected friend # 2 ended up w/ broken neck several stitches and eternal pain from the death of his best friends life right next to him, lil bro broke both his arms from steering wheel, even had the steering wheel imprint on his chest, but he said he wasnt driving so he 1st tried to say my brother was the driver, when that didn't work he said friend # 2 was driving. like i said this happened Jan 14,2006. we just went to trial on July 26th 2007, after several postponements, we started to think we would be dead before we ever saw justice. we got our guilty verdict finally thanks to a great D.A. we got manslaughter 1 for the death of my brother assault2 for friend #2's injury's and lil brother also got his fourth DUII, in the state of oregon if you have 3 duii's and hurt or kill someone it's called a measure 11 a mandatory 10 years no early time good time not a day less the 120 months. we go to sentencing on Sept 24th of this month. pls be patient it really does take time, if you have a good d.a. and reconstructionist it will work out, i hope. you can write me at lstandley@rosenet.net w/ any questions maybe i can help you. i at least feel your pain in the death of my brother, it is not a loss, i didn't lose my brother, he was killed by a drunk, i hate the word loss or lost, ppl don't understand when they say sorry for your loss, its more like thieft cause the drunk sure did not have my permission to screw up my life as it used to be, nor did he have the right to kill my brother. don't let ppl say well your brother got in the car either because until you can find it in the drivers manual it is not a crime it is the poorest judgement but yours and mine paid the ultimate price for their poor judgement, so pls feel free to write me, maybe we can help each other, i really havent talked to anyone who has had a brother killed by a drunk and not been a drunk themselves just in trying to deal w/ the grief. i live in a very small town in oregon

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