by Shelly Richmond

my vehicle that night

my vehicle that night

Hi my name is Shelly I'm a mother of 4 I was driving home the night of May 3rd 1996 me an my husband and children
left my parents home we stopped an got some dinner and a few movies to watch we then proceeded home like usual we stopped at a 4 way stop red light blinking all 4 ways.I went to procede through the stop sign to head home which was about a mile down the road to my home and I'd say about 10 feet into the intersection I was hit braud sided by another vehicle, it happened so fast I remember sitting behind the wheel an looking around I yelled for my husband an children and I couldnt find them they wasnt there..I looked out my drivers door window and seen my youngest son lying in the road, as I could remember I opened my door an walked to him and grabbed him out of a police officers arms an I cuddled him in the middle of the road and yelling ware are my kids help me find them I went to get up I couldnt move my back hurt so badly I glanced to the left of the police officer an seen my husband lying about 10 feet From us.I was yelling wares the man that hit us I'm gonna kill him,a officer says to me you cant say that and then a officer while holding my son in the middle of the road ask me did you run the stop sign.I yelled no I stopped.Then I remember them putting me an my youngest son in the ambulance.Then I remember at the Hosp.I remember looking up and seeing my mother-in-law she told me I lost Travis and the kids I yelled for my dad and I told him there gone and I remember a officer at my bed side trying to ask questions I guess I was outta of it druged up because I was hysterical I showed every one a body part I shouldnt have .
They released me and my son from the Hosp. I went to my parents home and then to my mother-in-laws and then did I realize watching the news there was my accident,saying they were chasing a man through 3 countys and it killed 3 people a father and 2 of his children the man was drinking and also was on prescription drugs..What should I think but screem and cry.I said up at top,my kids was not in my vehicle after my accident (they were all wearing seat belts the seat belts did not hold they all were ejected and so was my husband.my seat belt was inches from being pulled outta the floor board.The night mares I still have every night I wake up nights crying sweating..I will never forget what happened to me and my family..my son who survived is doing well he's going up to be a fine young man an I love him so much.I have sense remarried in 1999 to a good man I went infetro to have a son by him.Life does move on and I will never forget my first love nor will I ever forget my son and daughter they will always be in my thoughts,and my heart.ALWAYS..Please remember if you drink PLEASE dont drive it destroys to many people, families,friends,and others.it's so hard to visit there graves,I just cry and dont want to leave I want to be with them,but I know I was left here to take care of my son.it's going on 13 yrs in May I miss them so much still it seems like they were taking from me yesterday.

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