Take Action Against Drunk Driving!

Read carefully all the information in the balance of this site and learn how you or someone you know can take a pro-active step and have a direct effect in your own community on the problem of drinking and driving.

What Are We Facing?


The establishment:

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of commercial establishments licensed to sell and serve alcoholic beverages in the United States? 

There is a very real legal risk that the owners of these business establishments assume every day with respect to the sale of alcohol. If one of their customers drinks a sufficient quantity of alcohol until they are legally intoxicated, drives an automobile while in this drunken condition, and injures or kills someone in an accident, the owner of the bar where the alcohol was last consumed can be held liable for damages. 

Whether or not you believe this is fair is irrelevant. It is the law in many states. Unfortunately, this law is in direct conflict with the owners' (and bartenders') incentive to sell alcoholic beverages to make money. 

Because the potential liability is so high, many bar owners simply shrug their shoulders and ignore the situation. They have to earn a living. Many of the owners reason that if it ever does happen, they'll simply hand over the keys to their establishment and find some other way to make a living. 

The individual:

A person's blood alcohol content is influenced by several variables including their body weight, the amount and kind of food they've eaten, the percentage of alcohol in the drinks they've had, the amount of time they've been drinking, the number of drinks they've consumed, and the amount of time since their last drink.


So how does someone know if they've had too much to drink?

The fact is they don't. You can't tell, they can't tell, and the police can't tell either!

Think you can tell?

Click here for a real eye-opener...

Okay, so what if the police are running a roadside sobriety checkpoint? How many miles has this intoxicated driver (and many others like him) already driven

The answer is: more than we can count!

Isn't it time to enable bar patrons to test themselves BEFORE they ever get on the road? YES!  We call it "Intervention at the point of consumption".