I can't say I've been in an accident but I've been doing a lot of research and I realized that drunk driving is horrible. People who drink and drive should have no right to ruin someone else's life over their own stupidity. Drunk driving is a very dangerous thing to do and it won't help anyone else's life but ruin it. I can see that 40% of driving accidents are caused by drunk driving. This is a high % so to stop it everyone who is intoxicated should have a friend that does not drink to be their designated driver. I'm writing this but maybe in 20 years or so i could be the cause of a drunk driving accident but I'm doing everything i can now to prevent this incident. Leaning about drunk driving has made me realize that drinking is bad and everyone should control how much they are driving. So don't be a drunk driver.

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a concern citizen

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Jun 07, 2010
Crash statistics correction
by: Coleen

About 40% of FATAL accidents are related to drunk driving.

NHTSA estimates 7% of all crashes are alcohol related.

Other studies show about 4% of ALL car crashes involve alcohol.

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