Eileen Marie Marquez-Colorado Springs Co.-July 29th, 1990

by Malinda Herrera
(Colorado Springs Co. United States)

Eileen was 17 when she died drunk driving.....Her and 4 friends had decided to get drunk that night and then drive to Pueblo where there was a teen club called Rockin Robins. Eileen was a new driver and was known not to be a drinker....When they left the house that night, they had all fought over who was going to drive. The winner was Eileen!! They started out towards Pueblo Co. from Colorado Springs Co., singing, talking.......almost there they approached mile marker 107 on I-25 when Eileen lost control of the vehicle rolling it twice into the left median......4 of the girls, including Eileen were ejected out of the car. 1 of the girls remained inside and was found under the dash board......Eileen had been killed instantly, her brain stem was sliced right in half on impact and then her body was thrown some feet in the air. All 4 of the other girls had injuries also and were treated and released.

The night my baby sister died she took a piece of me with her!!! It's so tragic because No-one thinks that this can happen to them!! She will be missed and always loved!!! RIP Eileen Marie Marquez August 30th, 1972- July 29th, 1990

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Jan 23, 2011
by: Malinda

I want to thank you for your comments, it means a lot to me!! I'm very sorry about your son! I knw it must be even worse to lose a child! I cant imagine at all!! Take care

Jan 18, 2011
heart broken
by: ashlee

im a 17 year old girl and i just got my lisence last month and im always afraid of being in a car accident,my fault or not im sorry that her and her friends had to be a victim of such horrific accident.

Nov 09, 2010
Life Will Never Be the Same
by: Debra DeFrain

Hello Malinda, My deepest sympathy to you and your family in the tragic loss of such a young life. My son Loren 28, died on January 4th 2009 from a drunk driving accident. He too was the drunk driver. You can read his story here under "My Son Was The Drunk Driver on New Years Eve." Nobody sets out to do this to themselves or other people. Your right when you stated that people think it can never happen to them or their family, but it does, many, many times a day. The thing that my husband and I are starting to realize almost 2 years after our son's death, is that we will mourn him for the rest of our lives as will his older brother and younger sister that he left behind. Our lives will never be the same again, and we will never be the same people that we were prior to his death, just as you and your parents will never be the same since the death of your sister Eileen. The magnitude of the impact of their death is almost incomprehensible and like you, a part of died on that freeway with our son. You just hope that friends of your sister and my son, learned something from their death and don't get behind the wheel and drive impaired. Take care of yourself.

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