elizabeth tanner modesto ca june2011

by emily tanner

My name is Emily tanner. My 9 year old daughter was in the passenger seat when her father who was intoxicated didn't stop at a red light and hit another car. In the other car a mother and her two year old son where hit very hard. my daughter lizzy was not buckled in correctly and was thrown through the windshield. the mother and her son in the other car had broken bones and swelling in the two year old brain but they survived. My ex husband died before he arrived to the hospital and my daughter slipped in and out of a coma ultimately dying a couple days later. Each day after this event i feel as if I am dreaming. the other mother in the car i found out later was recovering from a back tumor and had almost lost her life several times a few months prior. I thank god everyday that her and her little boy gavin survived. They both have been more then caring and supportive through this traumatic event. My lizzy was taken from me and suffered greatly. I want to thank everyone who has helped me through the grieving process.

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