Family Friend

by Terri
(Manassas, VA, USA)

Drinking & Driving Ends Lives

Drinking & Driving Ends Lives

On December 12, 2007, a long time friend, Jayne Bickham lost her only son Shawn in a drunk driving accident. Her step-son was the driver. After attending a party at another teen's home, the driver and another friend Terry helped Shawn and Aaron in to the back seat of the car because they were overly intoxicated. On the way home, the driver turned in front of an oncoming tanker truck and the lives of the three passengers ended quickly, as you will see by the photo I posted. The driver survived the accident and was later sentenced to 7-15 years in prison for driving under the influence and causing death. Almost a year later, the family is still grieving and court sessions are continuing against the clerks and store that sold alcohol to the underage teens.
Meanwhile, Shawn's mother has been continuing to cope with losing her only child, her golden child. It will soon be the one year anniversary of Shawn's death and she is still on the streets fighting for the laws to be changed when alcohol purchases are made.
In his 16 years on this earth, Shawn touched the lives of many, brought joy with his jokes and silly acts. Now all we can do is sit around and remember him in stories, rather than watching him in action. Shawn wasn't always drinking and partying. It only took one wrong decision and within a split second, his life was over. So as you grow in to adults, please remember Shawn and use caution when drinking alcohol. And for the sake of your family and friends, if you choose to drink, don't drive or get in to a car with someone who has. Your life is far more important and the pain of losing a child never fades.

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