forever 16

by kim petry
(oswego,llinois,united states)



I lost my niece Tiffany on 02-11-07 to a DRUNK DRIVER!! A 23 year old girl packed 8 teens in her car and offered them a ride home even though she knew she was to drunk to drive, she told the teens she was fine.

That crash not only killed my niece but 4 of her best friends that were in the car with her. Thats right... 1 car (that seats 5) with 9 people in it.The drunk driver was going 72 in a 45 lost control of the car & slammed into a poll, killing 4 instantly & one 2 weeks later. My niece had the most injuries.

I was like a mother to her,did all the things a mother & daughter would do. Her father (my brother) was in the hospital at the time of the crash with blood clots in his lungs, and that had to be the hardest thing I ever had to do was go there and tell him about his daughter.. I will never forget the look on his face.

Tiffany has 3 sisters that miss her so much, the night of the crash my dad heard the accident on the police scanner for the accident was not even a mile up the road from where Tiffany lived.. and ny dad sent Tiffs older sister there to check it out she couldnt get real close, but she seen enough.. and had no Idea that her sister was lying dead in that very car she was looking at.I remember that day as if it were yesterday.

The driver has not gone to court yet, and I cant wait until she does, I hope she gets the max.. 28yrs. although thats nothing for taking 5 lives. she will get her punishment when she meets her maker. my heart goes out to all that has lost family /friends /anyone to a drunk driver.
Please do not drink & drive!!
I miss you tiffany mariee urso.. beautiful blue eyes!!!
look it up
crash that killed 5 teen in Oswego Illinois

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Mar 14, 2013
<3 NEW
by: Rachael Peters

I was just really missing tiffany and needed to see some pictures of her. And i came across this im sorry for your lose. We all miss her and i hope that the pain is a little bit easier to bare because i know it is not gone.

Jun 04, 2009
by: Your other neice

- I was sitting in tech apps looking things up for the accident when I came across this.

<333 imyy tifffy!
stayyy strong
-felicia mariee

Apr 17, 2009
i cant believe this
by: Anonymous

i cried wen i heard the news ... im so sorry an i hate that drunk driver who ever it was !!!! i had went to bednarcik junior high school with tiffany! she was my best friend in 6th grade and then i moved an i lost contact with her an then i see her on the news !!!! i lost one of the people that had changed my life ! i miss her ! she was so sweet an funny i will never forget her !!!!

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