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my 2 brothers on the 20th of oct 1973 were killed by a drunk driver along with 3 of there friends hitching a lift home from tain to invergordon on a big stretch of the road it has to be seen to make judgments but i was 13 at the time now im 50 takes a big part of ure life and family living to be honest u never get over it you just learn to deal with it ,i wish they where part of my life now but i was and will always feel that I was robbed of that part in my life so i will never i know how and why or what they would think or say and that to me will always be so sad so he got 3 yrs and he did 1yr banned for 12 this was a wrecker fore so many familys .. so what i ask why not stricter penaltys for offenders hopefully may deter them but who knows i just feel that anyone that has to live what my family went through should get it right thank you for letting me vent this story and i hope ppl will understand thanks

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Mar 23, 2012
gaye pearson NEW
by: Anonymous

gaye i have the same name as you. I only looked at you because of that
I feel for your loss
Ive have doe the drink drive thing and i am glad i have not caused any of that grief.
Ive since learnt that it has an effect on all the people that are around them.
`i would like to say that websites like yours make people aware of the impact of their actions
thank you gaye pearson

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