George Smith Fairfield CA. May 25 2011

by Peggy Smith
(Fairfield CA.)

On May 25th, 2011 at approximately 11:20pm a great man was taken from his family and friends in the flash of an eye. There was no time for good-byes or blowing of kisses because he wasn’t able to make it just one block further to his home. George Smith was heading home from his job As usual he traveled down Cement Hill Road in Fairfield California. Just outside of Fairfield High School his Nissan XTerra was struck by a Drunk Driver resulting in his death almost immediately.

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Sep 05, 2014

I miss my George

Jul 12, 2012
My thoughts and prayers for you! NEW
by: Aaron lewis Lindsey

I am posting this note to send my heartfelt sorrows to you and your family for your loss.I was traveling behind Mr.Smith on that fatefull night.I turned off of north texas street behind Mr.Smith and before we could react the racing truck was upon us,I can say that my life was changed that night,as was yours.I have been requested to appear at the court hearing and will testify that they were racing,and I also have information about another accident that Mr.Scott caused while out on bail, before being remanded into custody,again drinking just a few short days after the horrible accident,my information is that he fled the scene and escaped with out regard to damage caused.He has no remorse and thinks he is beyond reproach.I can be reached at (916) 393-0125 if you would like to speak with me.I regret not contacting you prior to this time as I have been un-available due to some personal issues. sincerely AARON LEWIS LINDSEY

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