gOOdbYe My LuV (oNLy tHe GooD diE yOuNg)

by courtney
(New Jersey)



Bryan Harper was every parents dream. He was a 17yr old star athlete and honor student. He had received a football scholarship to play at Rutgers University in the fall. He was loved by so many. You couldn't help but fall in love with him. His personality could have you laughing all night and his smile could melt away all your sorrows. He was an amazing kid.

When I first met Bryan, I had no idea the impact he would have on my life. He was the best friend of my best friend's brother. Many of weekends were spent at sleepovers and parties together. Bryan was like an older brother to me. He was always looking out for me and my friend. He cared about us.

On June 28,2004 my world was shattered. Bryan, myself and other friends were at his father's house for a summer cookout. We were all having a great time together. It was a chance for all of us to enjoy the little time we had left until he headed off to college. Later that evening, his father asked him and his best friend Mike to go get some more ice for the party. I saw them as they hopped into Mike's truck laughing at some joke they had just shared between themselves. Bryan smiled back at me from the passenger seat. Not 10mins. later did we hear this horrible ear-piercing crash. Everyone paused, silence falling around us. Mr. Harper came running out of the house. He and two other boys ran up the long road that lead to the main highway, the way Mike and Bryan had taken. A few mins later one of the boys came back shaking,tears filling his eyes. "It was Bry and Mike!", he sobbed. We all went running to see for ourselves. We honestly didnt want to believe him. Police and fire crew were already on the scene when we got there. It was the worst thing I have ever witnessed in my life. They both we pinned. Both were rushed to the hospital life threatening injuries.

Later we learned what had happened. Their truck was struck by a 19yr. old drunk driver on the passenger side, where Bryan had been sitting. They were struck with such force that their vehicle flipped over 2 times before smashing into the trees that lined the highway.

Bryan died that night. Mike, the driver was left in a coma for 2days. The driver of the other vehilce also had serious injuries, but lived.

The 19yr. old drunk driver later explained that he had left a party not too far away and thought he was fine to drive. His blood-alcohol content was 0.22. Obviously, he was not. He received a 6yr prison sentence, but only did 2 for good behavior.

Everyday I miss my friend. He was such an amazing person. A drunk driver took him away from me.

my poem:

dear mr. drunk-driver,
do you know what you did to this family?
could even you even begin to understand?
you got into that car drunk
you drove on that highway
you made your choices and
now you have to live with them
you will never know the pain
that we feel everyday
you will never fully understand
what its like
you sit there begging for forgiveness
would you forgive
if it was the other way around?
could you forgive?
we have to live with the memories
we are the ones haunted by the day
we will never be the same
you say your sorry
but is that true?
your only sorry
cause someone got hurt
i hope you realize what you did
you destroyed a family
we have to fight everyday
you will never understand our pain
you walked away
our friend didn't
i hope your happy for what you did
i hope it eats you alive
i hope it hurts think of that day
i hope it makes you cry
i hope you never forget ....

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May 04, 2009
hang in there
by: Anonymous

Try going to church god can help you with your pain. You shoudnt hold a grudge against this irresponsible person because in the end you are the one that is hurting your self.

Feb 19, 2009
so sorry
by: kim petry

Sorry for your loss, I lost a niece to a drunk driver in 07', the pain never goes away. your drunk driver only served 2 yrs huh?? thats a shame!! ours has not went to court yet but is facing 28 & hopefully gets it her reckless actions killed 5 teens that were all best friends
so sad that the driver always lives!

Oct 23, 2008
by: Jennifer

i was so touched by your story. its a horrible thing that people ruin others lives by making an irresponsible decision. however its a good thing that you still have all of those good memories. Im sure he would want you to think of him in that way.

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