Hilton head south Carolina Kendall Walton and the five others

by Long live the queen
(Hilton head )

Thursday night November 17 2011 Kendall a beautiful 17 year old senior I'n high school, amazing actress and outspoken loving girl just dropped of friend heather Not far from heathers house Kendall was going 75 I'n her four seated BMW she had seniors Maggie and megan,18 year old Nate and jacob also I'n the car. Kendall and others have been drinking when leaving heathers neighbor hood she hit a tree kendall died on impact, Maggie and Nate were air lifted to a hospital Megan and Jacob were also hospitalized. Maggie is still I'n critical condition she suffered spin and brain damage. Nate megan and Jacob are all now home and recovering. this accident is life changing i realize how fast things can change just a week before that we were all partying together laughing having fun that was the last time i saw Kendall i didnt even tell her bye, now all we can do is pray and learn from this lost Maggie needs all the prayers she can get.

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