Home for Thanksgiving !

by Betsy
(Levittown NY)

This is one of the worst nightmares a parent can go through my son Jason Shein a Pre Med student at University of Miami flew home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving since we havent seen him in 3 months, he went to hang with childhood friends Sat night he left and said im going to say goodbye to my friends.

At 1215 am we got a call from one of his friends moms.i was asleep till the phone rang she told my husband the boys were in an accident .and we should get dressed she was picking us up we drove in the back of her car shaking and scared of what might have happen .we were heading to the wrong hospital then her son called to say the ambulance was taking them to a different hosp so she turned around , and we got there the same time as the ambulance we ran in i saw just two of the boys and one was taken to emergency surgery but never saw my son worried and scared the hospital staff wouldn't tell us where he was after about two hours in the waiting room my sons friend came out of the ER,after being treated , took his mom to the side where i couldn't hear anything, and she then came over to me to tell me my son was Dead, he was hit Head on by someone who was highly intoxicated, and it was his second offense .from 2006.

My son was killed instantly and life will never be the same for us until he gets the MAX or more. We are grieving till this moment as im writing this it was almost two weeks ago and im hurting from the pain .i want to seek justice as my son at 21 is now gone and this person is still alive, please someone help me cope i am in shock and despair i have no words to tell you what we are feeling it hurts so much .

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Apr 13, 2016
my prayers
by: Rachel

I cryed reading your story... I lost my very best friend to a drunk driver. As a mom I couldn't begin to imagine your grief. I'm so sorry and you and your family will be in my prayers! God bless you

Aug 12, 2009
by: Debbie Childress

Dear Friend,

I'm so sorry for your loss. My Mom was killed by a drunk driver in October of 2006. I still think of her everyday. The driver was only sentenced to 27 months in prison. You are not alone in your grief. Reach out for help. People love you and want to help.



Mar 06, 2009
God Bless You
by: joanne

Dear Betsy, I pray for your family and am so sorry for your loss Jo swtjolee@yahoo.com

Dec 13, 2008
Drunk Drivers
by: Carol Grant

Hi Betsy....My Name is Carol Grant, and I am Michael Feldman's Aunt....We deeply sympathize with you and yours for the horrible tragic accident that took place on that night.
Our nephew PJ Coobs, in Tampa Fla was killed the same way...by a drunk driver that had no regard for his life or any one elses. That person, is now in jail, for 15 years, and then, after he gets out of prison, will be deported back to where he came from. My nephew was only 18, and had just graduated from High School.
Our niece, his Mother, went to bat tooth and nail and is very active in MADD....
Our condolences to you and your family..

Carol Grant

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