by Joyce Bermudez
(San Antonio Texas)

It was early Sunday morning when we received a phone call.......... Little did we know that the news we were about to recieve would change our life.

Homer Bermudez (28 YR. OLD ) and Linda RodIguez were pronunced dead. My brother had apparently slowed down going on a turn-around when his motorcycle was hit form behind. The driver of the car knocked Homer and Linda off the bike and then ran them over. Shortly after, they were both pronounced died. Court records indicated that John Doe had been convicted of driving while intoxicated in 1984 and 1985 and had also served time in prison. He was now held under 40,000 bond for two counts of involuntary manslaugher. Later he was given a sentence of three months in county jail. TELL ME, WHERE WAS JUSTICE!
Homer was one of five children and was loved by amy people. WE MISS YOU!

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