by Sara Harman

I am 16 and lost my sister 6 years ago.... Her Name was Amanda Lane Harman, she was 19 a freshman in college and Kansas City Missouri, USA, she grew up in a small town of about 1700, everyone knew her kids and adults of my town and neighboring towns. Mostly because during her senior year of high school we did the play Wizard Of OZ she played Glinda.... all of my classmates and younger knew her by Glinda , The class in front of me played the munchkins so all all knew her to..... on march 26 2002 adn 3:45ish in the morning on a highway divided by a concert barrier a 26 year old male going the wrong way plowed in to her in his 1994 black ford truck her seafoam Green 1999 Escort had no chance. an officer told my parents she did not suffer... after the wreck one officer pulled over jump out and over the barrier and held her hand she squeezed his hand for about 2 minutes let go and squeezed again then was gone for ever... i had turned 10 years old tat February and didnt understand... i lost not only my sister that day but all my friends because they didn't know what to say to me... Even now im on my own at school im a sophomore. i have two other sisters one who is almost 21 and one all most 30....Amanda would be 25 now and even though it has been 6 years i miss her like it was yesterday.... the drunk driver also died on scene he was married and had 2 kids one is my age and im so scared im going to meet him......

i plan on getting a tattoo in memory of her


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