How come the world?

by Leona Headley
(Rogers Ark 72756)

How come the

world has to
be so cruel?
how come the
world has to
take away people
that you love
so much away
from you? How
come the world
takes away lives?
How come the
world has to
be so coldhearted?
How come the
world has to
be filled with
hatred? Doesn't the
world care?

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Nov 30, 2010
I care
by: Anonymous


It's not the WORLD that has hatred, it's PEOPLE...and hatred shouldn't be misunderstood for stupity....This blog is about people losing loved one's to drunk drivers, the WORLD isn't responsible for drunk drivers PEOPLE are...I suggest you redirect your anger...Being angry at the world isn't going to help the problem of DRINKING AND DRIVING...ONLY PEOPLE can stop that...I'm sorry if you've lost someone you loved to the insanity of this...But, we can only keep trying to get people to STOP and think before drinking and driving.....My heart goes out to you, just like us all that have lost a loved one to this craziness!!! Too many lives, too many....

The holidays are upon us....Please everyone, becareful out there, and if your going to drink, have driver that isn't....Make sure you and your loved ones have a HAPPY HOLIDAY...

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