How many victims

Wow, talk about craziness. These stories are so sad and heart breaking and I hate that even one person has experienced this, but here I sit on the other end. No I have never gotten a DUI or a DWI or anything of the sort but my best friend has. Recently he and his wife were both out drinking and driving, and she is dead. No one knows who was driving that night but the end results are the same. Since then my friend still drinks and has gotten himsef put in jail with no bond because he has not quit drinking and driving. I am not trying to make light of anyone's loss rather I am hoping one day he understands that the consequences of his actions have victims.Interestingly enough my best friend is also my family and I miss him everyday, and spend most of my time with a lump in my throat.I am not going to include hi picture or mine with him or say his name, but please know that I am a member of the other side of the story and I want you to know that those that lived through the accident suffers everyday and their family does as well.

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Aug 17, 2011
my opinion
by: Anonymous

Your friend should never drive again. If he chooses to drink. As you know he is a big public danger He should have gone to prison if he was the drunk driver the time of accident. Seems you should know if he was driving. Anyway, I understand drinking causes mostly hardship in the lives involved......But, nothing compares to the suffering a family goes through losing their loved one to a drunk. No one will ever understand how unbearable it is unless you are going through it. The drunk even continues to drink. The drunk justifies his actions. My son is with God. I love him and miss him everyday. Soon eleven years he hasn't been her to love his son or do anything. He and all of the innocent lost senselessly by drunk drivers are the only side I see. Get the drunk of the road at all cost.

Aug 07, 2011
You are a victim too...
by: Anonymous

It's safe to say Drunk Driving effects everyone. You happen to be on several different sides as a vicitim of a drunk driver, you lost someone you know to a drunk driving death, you lost a friend to drinking, and you are effected by your friends drinking and driving. There are many sides to being a victim of drunk driving. The man who killed my cousin had lost his daughter to a drunk driver and continued to drink and drive after her death. He had 5 DUIs and still managed to be helped by his family to get a car which he used as a murder weapon.

You need to stand by your friend and support him, and help him get into recovery. It's sad because he has to live with what happened in the car that night when his wife was killed. He might know more than what he is letting on. He has some serious issues and needs to be in counseling and hopefully his eyes will be open one day and he won't drink ever again and hopefully his life won't end in tragedy. The type of behavior he seems to be displaying is destructive and could end in the taking of another innocent life.

Keep telling your friends story and yours. Maybe your stories will be used to help those who need the perspective of the drunk driver and a friend of the drunk driver. It always helps to get any kind of story of tragedy out there regarding drinking and driving. If you help one person, your time is well worth it.

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