I can still see you even though you are gone

by Leona Headley
(Rogers Ark 72756)

evry night i

lay there unable
to fall asleep
in the late
middle of the
night when ever
everyone else is
sleeping i look
outside my door
and i see
you standing there
knowing its just
you i dont
get frightened like
anyone else who
sees a ghost
would do its
just that i'm
used to seeing
ghosts i've seen
them for a long
time and so
i just got
used to seeing
them but i'm
glad that you
didn't entirely leave
me because of
your ghost i
feel safe and
happy that you
are kinda here
with me and
i can sometimes
feel you as
if you are
holding my hand
like you always
did when i
was deppressed i
know i never
gotten the chance
to tell you
this that night
before you were
killed but i
was glad that
you and your
girlfriend wernt together
anymore because i
never could tell
you how i
felt but i
had always loved
you and had
always liked you
more than a
friend and i
still do love
you thats why
i can't let
go of you
the more i
try the more
it hurts me
to let you
go and i
want you to
go to heaven
but i guess
i'm just not
really ready for
you to leave
me for good,
well i love
you so much.

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